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ETAG Corporation is an Environmental Compliance service provider, specialized in the operation of utilities, water treatment  and wastewater treatment systems. We are the best alternative to keep your water treatment system in compliance with all applicable environmental regulations.

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water treatment.
Almost 3 out of 5 water treatment operators in Puerto Rico were trained by ETAG.

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water treatment.
Our services include Contract Operations, O&M Technical Support, water treatment training and many more.
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water treatment.
We actually operate water treatment plants under Contract Operations, mostly industrial.

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Study to determine the
effect of noise from the operations of a pharmaceutical industry in the surrounding residential areas and the corresponding EQB regulation.
Operation and management of a modernand complex industrial treatment system, including sampling, analysis and process
ETAG designed, developed and delivered training to all operators, supervisors and managers of all wastewater treatment plants in PuertoRico.

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